Pakistani youth invent glucose measurement device without bleeding

A talented student at Iqra University has developed a device for diabetic patients, which allows accurate measurement of blood glucose without the needle’s chewing and extraction of blood, as well as pulse speed.

Faizan Ahmed, a student of the University’s Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, has called it the “Non-traumatic Blood Test” or the Non-Invasive Blood Test. This device made after two years of hard work and research does not require the needle to drain blood.

Via :
Via :

This manual device consists of infrared, LED, photo diode, IC and other circuits. Currently, the number of diabetes patients in Pakistan is between 3 and 4 million. In view of this situation, Faizan Ahmed, under the guidance of his teacher, Dr. Irfan Anis, started work on a system that repeatedly eliminated the need to rinse needles.

The best thing about this device is that it costs Rs. 1,500 which is in the reach of everyone. This device is useful for people who need blood glucose measurement repeatedly throughout the day.

The device has a round box with infrared light diodes and sensors installed. As soon as a person places a finger in this black box, light falls on the finger. Looking at the color of the blood, the result on the device display shows what the blood sugar level is now.

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Faizan told Express News that further changes to the device could also detect hemoglobin levels in the blood. “A German company working on such a device, I have presented my plan to various manufacturers, which is greatly appreciated,”



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