People got back drivers who parked unlawfully

You might have experience difficulty due to wrong parking by others, here are some of them didn’t kept silent and express their feeling in their own ways.

No parking, please

It’s fair to say that we’re all guilty of parking where we shouldn’t sometimes. When you’re in a rush, you can often slot into the first space you see, without checking whether you’re allowed to park there, whether it’s free, or even whether it’s legal.

Clearly, they are better than you

If you have a fancy and expensive car, congratulations to you. You’ve obviously done pretty well for yourself over the years, and have been able to treat yourself to an awesome whip that makes everyone jealous. However, this fancy ride doesn’t make you a better person than anyone else, and it doesn’t make you more entitled than anyone else.

So, please don’t park over two parking spaces. We get that you don’t want to scratch your car, but it’s just not cool. This annoyed individual decided that they wouldn’t get angry about this car but instead decided to get sarcastic. You might also know sarcasm as the language of passive aggression…

All wrapped up

It’s really not that difficult to park within the lines of a parking space, but some people do seem to find it impossible. They make their way into other spaces, they ruin the parking ventures of other drivers, and they just look a little silly.

Follow the yellow brick line

We’ve all heard about following the yellow brick road, but what about the yellow brick line? Well, the person who owns this car obviously wanted to make their way to the Land of Oz, but they tried to do so in a more modern way.

Follow the instructions

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone park over your driveway. How are you supposed to get out? Are you going to be stuck all day? Why are human beings so annoying? When one homeowner found themselves stuck and with no way of getting out, they decided to be a little more considerate.

The medium is the message

A lot of people get mad when they see someone parking like they don’t care about anybody else in the world but themselves. And rightfully so, there are fewer things in the modern world that are more annoying.

The not-so-express checkout

When you’re going to the supermarket, and hit upon an extremely crowded parking lot, it’s especially important to park in a way that doesn’t prevent other drivers from getting their cars in as well. Why?

A sticky situation

We’ve already seen a car whose driver was terrible at parking get covered in plastic wrap. The person who decided to exact some revenge this time, however, knew he could one-up them.


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