Facebook 3D reactions first appearance

We have just discovered the first instance of Facebook’s new 3D Reactions for smartphones. One of our writers has enabled the feature on his iPhone, but other iPhone users in the office aren’t able to access the feature yet.

The 3D Reactions are a lot more lively and really pop. It is difficult to explain the new look, so we’re going to show you some comparison shots we took of the new 3D Reactions side-by-side with the current reactions available to everyone on the Facebook mobile app.

New 3D reactions vs Old reactions | Bisma, TechEngage

Currently, we have only confirmed the presence of 3D Reactions on a single iOS device. We have reached out to Android and iOS users, but no one else seems to have the feature yet.

The Facebook Version on iOS | Screenshot: @abdugeek

Credit: @abdugeek

Here is a comparison gif showing the old and new reactions.

GIF by Abdul Manan | TechEngage