Malam Jabba Skiing slope in Pakistan

Malam Jabba is known for having the only public skiing slope in Pakistan and is also one of the biggest slopes in all of Asia at 800 meters.

The resort is located in Malam Jabba village, 40 kilometers east of Saidu Sharif and 314 kilometers northwest of Islamabad. It is the largest and oldest ski resort in Pakistan.

The Wali of Swat, who at the time was the historic ruler of Swat, would move his court to Malam Jabba annually during the summer months. In the summer of 1962, the visiting Austrian ambassador to Pakistan and good friend of the Wali, suggested that a ski resort be built in Malam Jabba. The Austrian government funded the chairlift and provided skis and boots, while the Pakistani government built a hotel with 50 rooms.


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